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Christian Education

An essential disciple-making strategy of the Church. As such, it has proven its effectiveness by teaching biblical principles and godly living to people at every age and stage of life.

  • The primary purpose is obedient response to the Great Commission; making disciples who will fulfill the threefold mission of the church — evangelism, worship, and discipleship.
  • The primary strategy is the intentional, systematic development of leaders who can carry on the work of the ministry in the local church.
  • The primary curriculum is the Bible; supported by appropriate teaching resources.
  • The primary process is regular, systematic teaching of Bible content and doctrine.
  • The primary dynamic is the building of relationships that involve mutual commitment and accountability.
  • The primary structure includes a full range of groups, developed with a sensitivity to culture, needs, interests, and/or life stages.

Intercessory Prayer

Pastor's Praying Partners pray for our senior pastor while he is preaching so that the Lord will empower him to open our ears, eyes, and heart, so that we can accept our Lord as our Savior, and so the Holy Spirit will feel free to minister to us.

Prayer Team
We recognize that there are many needs represented in mankind, which all need to be covered with prayer. Therefore, we have created this volunteer team that joins their faith together in believing that God's will be done with every need presented, and that knows God is able to do the miraculous.

Monthly Prayer
At Cornerstone, there is a weekly prayer time on Monday mornings at 6:30 a.m., and there are monthly Prayer and praise services on the 1st Sunday afternoon at 6:00 p.m.  These are open to anyone who would like to intercede for different needs that are represented along with praying for God's Sovereign Will on behalf of the church for the current month.