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Junior Bible Quiz

Junior Bible Quiz is a program for kids 1st through 6th grade. One Saturday a month during the JBQ season (September-April), churches get together and compete over questions presented to them from the Bible Fact-Pak. These questions are divided into 10 point, 20 point, and 30 point questions. 10 being the easiest (such as "Who were the first man and first woman?"), 20 being in the middle (such as "What promise did God make to Abraham?"), and 30 being the most difficult (such as "Who were the twelve sons of Jacob?").

While the competition makes it fun for the kids, the most important thing is that they are hiding God's word in their hearts. They will learn stories, scriptures, and definitions from the Bible, which will go with them for the rest of their life. Studies show that 90% of those that participate in JBQ stay in church as adults. Let's get these kids grounded in the Word!