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About Us


Cornerstone Mission & Values


Our mission is to love God by empowering people to transform their world through following Christ.


The following represent the core values of Cornerstone Church:

1) Bible
We value the Bible as God’s authoritative and accurate source for salvation and Christian living.

2) Christ
We value Christ as the Head of our church and submit ourselves and all our activities to His will.

3) Prayer
We value prayer that is passionate and Spirit led.

4) Preaching/Teaching
We value anointed communication as a catalyst for transformation in people’s lives.

5) Worship
We value worship that is both accurate and authentic.

6) Fellowship
We value fellowship that is relational, sacrificial, and embraced with love.

7) People
We value people and will use every available Christ-honoring means to pursue, win, and disciple them.

8) Evangelism
We value evangelism that reaches those outside the church with the gospel of grace.